The second Series of Iranian Documentaries in Bonn

Iranische Filmreihe mit Diskussionsrunden

4 Oktober  – 6 Dezember 

Festival Manager: Iman Behrouzi

MIGRApolis-Haus der Vielfalt, Brüdergasse 16-18, Bonn
jeweils donnerstags, 19.00 Uhr

1.   04.10.2018
Wedding: A Film (2015)
Director: Mohammadreza Farzad

Wedding: A Film is a personal, poetic essay in which Mohammadreza Farzad tries to understand the institution and concept of marriage. Farzad does a survey of your levels; he plays his own wedding video over and over again to look for early signs of unhappiness in his marriage and a future divorce. He looks at other people’s wedding videos to investigate whether a happy wedding means, and is, synonymous with a happy marriage. The hunt for answers goes from the personal and empties into the issues of marriage function in society.

2.   18.10.2018
House of Sun (2017)

Director: Mehdi Bagheri

140 year of life,love and hate in the Naser khosrow’s street .This film the history of Naser khosrow’s street in the Udlagan neighborhood and Shsams al-Amareh Palace in 140 years.

3.   01.11.2018
Love in Close-Up (2018)

Director: Iman Behrouzi

Three Iranian women, Three love stories in the streets of Tehran.

4.   22.11.2018
20th Circuit Suspects (2017)

Director: Hesam Eslami

Six years in the life of an adolescent crime gang that breaks into cars in the streets of Tehran.

5.   06.12.2018
I Want to Be a King (2015)

Director: Mehdi Ganji

Abbas, an Iranian ambitious job-creator, has a successful business in ecotourism with his family’s help, now he wants to remarry to promote his business, but his wife is against him.